Simple Password Manager for Mac and IOS

Super Safe 512-bit encryption

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Passwords.. User IDs.. Numbers.. It seems you have too many of them.


MiniBluebox allows you to keep your private data securely in one place – it lets you access and sync your data quickly from your Mac, iPhone or iPad.


MiniBluebox for Mac

Super Safe

  • No other app uses 512-bit encryption.
  • It has inactivity lock - if you leave your device unattended it will be locked. 
  • No browser autofill uncertainty - keep your data in a secure file you control.
  • Your file is encrypted with a master key only you know.

Simple to use

  • No groups, no categories, no learning curve.
  • Search just like in Google search bar.
  • Hold to copy or tap to preview on iPhone.
  • Generate custom or random passwords.

iCloud option

  • Sync your document over iCloud between Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  • Or keep your document on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, the choice is yours.


  • Allows creation of multiple documents each protected by a unique master key. This way family members can have separate documents to keep their personal data or they use a shared document.


  • MiniBluebox has excellent support. Contact friendly MiniBluebox team from the support page. You will get an answer within 24 hours.

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